Here are my top ten from this year (in no order). I’ve heard some rumblings of “2010 was a weird year for music; not a lot of standout stuff.” While yes it was for music in general, its been a pretty damn good year for electronic. My top ten are pretty much all electronic.

Scissor Sisters – Nite Work
Big gay 80’s disco-rock dance party. Saw them live here in Seattle and it was great!

Scuba – Triangulation
Found Scuba on and got the album when it came out. It’s a lot like burial with a bit more beat. Brooding and beautiful at the same time.

Pantha du Prince – Black Noise
An album that I took my sweet time before actually listening to. Once I did I had to agree with the critical acclaim. It is a beautifully produced album.

Massive Attack – Hiegoland
It’s about time! “Paradise Circus” got played a ton by me and showed up on a car commerical, and Massive Attack knows how to write an album opener. “Pray for Rain’s” slow burn sets up a great understated album.

Monarchy – Monarchy
I swear I’m the only one listening to this, and I love every bubbly song. Cut Copy meets Sissor Sisters with a dash of Erasure.

Rusko – OMG!
OMG! My wife likes this album more than me! Fun dubstep.

Caribou – Swim
First time I heard this I wasn’t really paying attention to it. Halfway through I was like, “Damn, this album is GOOD!”

Chemical Brothers – Further
Another solid album from ChemBros. “Horse Power” cracks me up because it is such a hard driving song and it has whinnies in it!

Hot Chip – One Life Stand
Hop Chip’s latest was one of the great early albums. The out of sync beats and falsettos somehow make you simultaneously happy and sad. The video to “I Feel Better” is AMAZING! Check it out here

Bomb the Bass – Back to Light
The lighter follow-up to their Future Chaos album. Has some excellent vocals by Paul Conboy.

Honorable Mentions
Underworld – Barking
Just heard it this week, too new for me.

Major lazer + La Roux – Lazerproof
Amazing mashup album. Didn’t include it in my top ten because its not an artists full length

Girl Talk – All Night
Another big short attention span mashup masterpiece.

Ratatat – lp4
I’ve only listened to it a couple of times, and it is amazing.

deadmau5 – 4×4=12
Just came out, and is great.

Matthew Dear – Black City
The more I listen to this album the more I like it.

Booka shade – More!
What’s with the exclamations!!? As a whole this album is lacking something; some cohesiveness. It does have great tracks however, and got really heavy rotation in my car.

Four Tet – There Love Still In You
Much like Caribou’s Swim, this album is a sort of an understated deep album. “Love Cry” is my favorite track.

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