CLICK HERE FOR A SELECTION OF MIXES Gig Calendar: [show-ics-calendar] Me at a KRUA manager's retreatMy DJ experience began with KRUA 88.1 FM Anchorage, a nonprofit college radio station, where and I became a volunteer in the fall of 1993. I went on air the following spring and started my love affair with new music. I started a "special show" called "Trip 2 Utopia" with a friend, and we played new techno, trance, drum and bass, ambient, and house. We weren't proper mix DJs; we were just showcasing the music and letting people know who it was and where they could get it. I also got a staff position; I was hired as the production manager. I used the first digital workstation at that station, an experience that later helped me with podcasting and digital recording at home. I started DJing at an alternative club called "Gigs" in the mid '90s and stuck with that until it closed. I liked to play Erasure, Chemical Brothers, Fat Boy Slim, and the like . . . happy music. Then gothy teens would come up and request Marilyn Manson. "Oh, I totally have it but didn't bring it, sorry," was the common response. I was on hiatus from 1998 until 2003. I moved to Seattle, then Bremerton, and I didn't really have the chance to do much with music other than discovering new music on my own and attending the occasional show. I met Torin Rea in 2002 and he had vinyl . . . and turntables. This was something that I'd never really had the chance to use properly and learn how to mix. So he taught me, and I got my own set of Technics and started buying my own house music. I DJed house at a few parties with him, and it was a good intro to live performance. BYOV_Sm In 2004 I moved to Seattle and hoped to get a gig here. I managed to start a "Bring Your Own Vinyl" night at Clever Dunne's, a bar one-half block from my apartment. It was an odd mismatch because it wasn't really the DJ-type bar. It worked out pretty well, with some regulars running up to the used book store and buying crappy songs for me to play. Totally fun. After a year, the manager told me that it wasn't really working, and that was fine by me; it was kind of a pain to lug my gear up there once a week. I started an occasional gig at the Bus Stop's first location DJing one Wednesday a month. Unfortunately the block got "developed," and they tore everything down. The Bus Stop reopened but are having less DJ action. Square ThumbIn 2008 I was approached by the Slaughter County Roller Vixens to DJ their first bout. It was...well...a little awkward since I was two stories above them and couldn't see . . . but I did well enough to be asked back. I split the duty with one other DJ, and we were their two residents until they decided on using an iPod. At the end of 2009 a small bar opened around the corner called The Living Room. They were looking for DJs so I signed up and DJed there for about a year until I moved. This was a fun gig; 5 hours, playing anything I wanted. I have some of the sets up to listen to. I am currently looking for a gig. Not weekly, but monthly would be great. I prefer spinning house, but I can spin a variety too. Playlisting is fine by me. The link at the top of this page will take you to some mixes as samples of my work.