This last weekend was Maggotfest in Missoula Montana. It is basically a rugby tourney with ridiculous amounts of partying and socializing. Its the type of thing you truly must experience to understand.

Our first match was with the Butte Crabs. We totally should have one. We were in the lead at halftime, but made the mistake of putting in too many subs and ended up loosing in the final 15 minutes.

The second match was a good one. The Highwaymen are a team of experienced ruggers from the I-5 corridor from Northern California to Eugene. It was a pretty tough match but it was well played. Diego managed the subs so it was a little more even in that respect. The final was 40 to 10.

The party on Saturday is a huge debaucherous affair. Team dress up in costumes, there is all you can drink beer and eventually a few costumes may start coming off…anyway, its good times.

There was sone juggling of the schedules and we got to play on the big main field against the BOBs. There was a little confusion about where we were to be, but once it was situated we were joined by players from kitsap and corvalis for a fun rowdy match against wily old guys. Many of the hangovers or still drunkovers managed to slow us down a bit but again it was a fun match and everyone who wanted to got to play. I got a decent run that ended in a drive to a score. Those are always fun.

I ended up with a strained neck and some kind of jammed toe…still recovering a little, but I gotta get ready for Magnitude, our own rugby tourney.

  1. THanks for playing with us this year. -Highwaymen Rugby (Via CJ)

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